Adding YouTube videos to WordPress is fairly simple because of oEmbed support added in version 2.9. oEmbed is a format which allows URLs to point to embedded content automatically. It will take a simple url, extract the video from it, and embed it on the page.

What does this mean to you? You don’t need anything other than the URL of a YouTube video to add it to your page. Simply add that URL to your post editor and the YouTube video will be displayed on your posts. This also works with playlists. By pasting the url, the video will appear along with the playlist drop-down menu.

In the newest version of WordPress, adding this link in your post editor will render a preview of the video. That way, you can see what it looks like without having to preview the post.


Steps to add the video on your website:

  1. Find the video on YouTube
  2. Click the Share Button
  3. Under ‘Share this video’, copy the url to your clip board. If you want to start from the beginning make sure you uncheck the Start At Video
    how to embed youtube in wordpress
  4. Log into your WordPress Admin panel and go to the page or post where you want to embed the link.
  5. Place the cursor where you want to put the video and past the previously copied link.
    Pasting Youtube link in wordpress post
  6. Click the Update button or Save Draft if you aren’t ready to publish.
  7. Go to the page and Test it.

Youtube isn’t the only website that uses oEmbed. To view all the sites that WordPress oEmbed works with, go to